Animal Encounters

Animal Encounters is a labour of love that was over two years in the making. Written and illustrated by Agnes Bellegris, each page is a tribute to a special animal. The author invites children to look at their surroundings and notice the animals they might encounter daily or sometimes.


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Each page spread in this book features a painting of an animal with a description and narrative about the animal written in a whimsical and sometimes playful manner . The illustrations are vivid and lifelike, but with a soft and textured style. The vocabulary is rich and would invite further discussions about meaning and how we describe nature. I can definitely see this book being appealing to children and moving off the shelves in my library. I would use it for read alouds with my younger classes.

-Kate Olson, Little Loud Library, Wisconsin


What a fun read!! Animal Encounters is a fantastic book that teaches children about animals in a poetic way. It's resourceful and factual content provides opportunities for children to learn the different behaviours and roles of animals in a humorous way. The author's choice of vocabulary is playful and stimulates readers to connect to their own personal interactions with animals.

- Vivian Mazzacco, Elementary Special Education and ESL Teacher, Toronto